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Welcome to Open Source Automation. This project has been created with the sole purpose to make home automation available to everyone. Currently there is a lot of home automation software on the market, but they are all very expensive. This makes it difficult for the average user to set up a professional home automation system without taking out a second mortgage. On top of the cost, these programs are very restrictive. Users are forced to use only the hardware that is supported and without an open extendable architecture they are at the mercy of the software company to develop new interfaces.

The Open Source Automation project overcomes these two major problems with the home automation software industry. First and foremost, OSA is free and open source. Anyone with an internet connection can download, install and get up and running without spending a dime. Even more exciting is the open extendability of OSA. Anyone can use the open source API included with OSA to develop new plugins and expand the functionality of the system. With the openness and community focused vision the development of new and exciting plug-ins is sure to push the limits of the imagination.

This project is still in its infancy, but is being developed at a feverish pace and there are many exciting things on the horizon. be sure to check back soon for more information on this exciting project.

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  • OSA Wiki - learn all about the features and supported hardware in OSA.

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  • Official API docs - Learn how to write a plugin and add support for any hardware or software you want.
  • Terminology - a concise bundling of common terms used to describe OSA.

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Open Source Automation has a very simple architecture and API that makes is very easy for anyone with the desire to write plugins that extend the functionality of OSA. Visit the Plugins page to see all of the community contributed plugins.


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